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July 2017 Archives

How seriously do courts view delinquent child support?

If you are the recipient or the payer of court ordered child support, you have already been through some sort of court proceeding that outlined each party's responsibilities when it comes to the financial aspect of raising your child. Child support payments are unique to each family in Santa Rosa and are essentially custom-designed arrangements built to fit the family it affects. There are several factors that go into deciding a child support arrangement; this way it best fits the needs of each family. If there are delinquent child support payments, how does the court view that behavior?

Child custody schedules: how to stay sane during summer vacation

California parents want nothing more than for their child to be happy and thriving. It is possible to parent efficiently, even if you and your child's other parent are no longer in a relationship with one another. The child custody arrangement may have outlined details about custody, but how do you stay sane when your kids are out of school for the summer?

Everything you wanted to know about alimony

Making the decision to divorce isn't always the easiest, as many Santa Rosa families already know. There are many factors at play that are affected by the dissolution of marriage, so it's important that a family makes the decision that is best for them. When the decision to go ahead with the divorce is put into action, what comes next might feel like foreign territory and often those involved have many questions. When it comes to alimony, how might it impact a divorce and the people involved?

High asset divorce may include Santa Rosa vacation home

If you and your spouse have made the decision to divorce, no doubt that you have many questions about the process. For many people in Santa Rosa, their biggest concerns lie with how the child custody process and the asset division process will be handled. Every situation is different based on the best interests of the child and the financial aspects of the divorcing couple, among other factors. When a family has multiple assets, including a vacation home, you might be wondering how to procure that asset for yourself in a divorce.

Why would parents in California want to establish paternity?

When a child is born to unmarried parents in California who are no longer in a relationship, it may be necessary to establish paternity of the child. Doing so formally and legally establishes who the child's biological parents are. This allows the child's custodial parent seek child support, and it also allows the child's non-custodial parent to pursue visitation rights if he or she so chooses.