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September 2017 Archives

Why alimony and child support could be awarded in a CA divorce

When couples make the difficult decision to part ways, many will ask: "What's next?" Divorce and the change in living situation for both the ex-couple and children can seem like a daunting task. And, sometimes, alimony and child support is awarded, which can further complicate matters.

Study shows child psychological stability in joint custody

While co-parenting is not always the easiest or most convenience option for parents, it can be beneficial for the child. Many Santa Rosea area families are blended families. Figuring out how to best raise their child when the child's parents are living separate lives can be tricky. However, a new study shows joint custody can have psychological benefits for children.

Relocation of a child in a custody agreement

Many parents have made the choice to be a great parent to their child, but do it from a separate household that their child's other parent. There can be many reasons a cohabitating relationship with a child's other parent doesn't work out, but that doesn't and won't stop parents from having a great relationship with their kids. If co-parents have a child custody arrangement (and most of them do!) they have to reference and abide by that agreement before making any big decisions. Big decisions, like moving your child out of a certain area, usually have to be approved by the child custody agreement.

What will a court consider when awarding alimony?

California couples going through a divorce often have many financial concerns. This is especially true when it comes to spousal support -- also known as alimony. The person paying alimony may be concerned that they will be bled dry financially from an unfair award, while the person receiving alimony may be concerned about making ends meet financially, especially if they earn significantly less than their ex or if they stayed out of the workforce altogether while married, and are now facing re-entry in the working world. The state of California understands these concerns, and per law there are certain factors the court will consider to ensure that a spousal support award is fair.

When it comes to child custody, who becomes the custodial parent?

If you and your child's parent are no longer together, or are going through a divorce, your first instinct is your child and how the change will affect him or her. While there is no doubt that it can be a challenging time, it doesn't need to be a high stress situation. However, truthfully, every person's child custody scenario is different, it's hard to say how a change will affect each family individually. Many parents wonder how a child custody decision will affect their child.