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November 2017 Archives

Being thankful for Santa Rosa divorce over the holidays

With the holidays approaching, it can be a challenging time for the recently divorced or for those going through a divorce. It's such a big life change, going from married to single, so understandably the change can cause extra strain. However, there are reasons to be thankful this holiday season. Start with being thankful for your high asset divorce.

Seek a child custody arrangement that is best for the child

California child custody arrangements arenot a one-size-fits all scenario. This may or may not be a surprise, but families come in all shapes and sizes these days. To adjust for the different family situations, child custody arrangements have continued to get more creative and thus more child-focused to ensure that the best interests of the child are met. This is why if seeking a child custody agreement or if looking to modify an existing agreement that there is a way to plan for a best case scenario.

Retirement accounts and divorce: what to expect

California marriages can last for years and be right for people until they are not anymore. In those years of a marriage, a couple will go through and experience a lot together. Financially, marriages often see the accumulation of assets, like bank accounts, money market accounts and retirement accounts, like a 401k. In a divorce, many couples' first questions revolve around these financial details, like what to expect in a high asset divorce?

Protecting your children from your post-divorce frustrations

Children often understand more than adults give them credit for. When young, their vocabulary may be limited, but research has established that children can pick up a great deal of information from body language and tone. Simply put, it can be difficult for parents to keep secrets from their kids.

HGTV stars work and raise daughter during divorce

Reality TV in California and across the nation have been so popular in recent years that they have launched multiple professional careers. Two HGTV stars are well known, the stars of Flip or Flop, which follows the married couple's experience flipping houses for profit and their life with their children. Fans were shocked to hear of the couple's motion to file for divorce last winter.