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December 2017 Archives

Holidays are a good time to evaluate child custody plans

As 2017 comes to an end families throughout Santa Rosa will come together to celebrate the holidays that are their traditions. While some families may share gifts and meals with the ones they love, others may use their time off from work to travel to distant locations for experiences they would not otherwise be able to share with those that they love. The holidays generally bring togetherness and moments to enjoy time with the special people of their lives.

From beginning to end: A divorce checklist

You have reached the conclusion that divorce is inevitable. Now that you have made the decision and your feelings are out in the open, you may even feel as though a huge weight has lifted from your shoulders. For many, finally making the choice to divorce is the most difficult part.

Former couple still working out divorce terms

Richard and Alicia Stephenson married several decades ago and enjoyed a lavish life. Richard Stephenson was one of the founders of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and through his position with that business gained considerable wealth. The couple share one daughter but unfortunately decided to end their marriage with Alicia Stephenson moving out of the couple's estate in 2007.

What types of alimony are available in California?

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is money paid from a person to their former spouse after their marriage has ended. An agreement between the parties or an order from the court may establish an alimony obligation between formerly married persons, and the form of payment that the alimony obligation takes on can be very different depending upon certain factors related to the parties' case.

Child support has many permissible uses

In California a court may make an award of child support if pursuant to a custody case one parent is awarded sole custody and the other is awarded visitation. In such a custodial arrangement the child may live exclusively with one of their parents but still get to see the other during arranged periods of time.

You may need to rethink what you know about child custody

California parents often find it difficult to decide to file for divorce. Although the move may be for the best, many couples are understandably worried about how the split will affect their children. Indeed, when parents do part ways, resolving issues concerning child custody usually figures as one of their top priorities.

To which relationships do domestic violence laws extend?

Domestic violence is often a silent struggle for Californians. No one wants to show the ugly face of abuse to individuals that they encounter outside of their homes and so often they hide the pain and suffering that they endure so as to appear happy, confident and in control of their lives. However, it is often control that a domestic violence abuser seeks to ward over their victim and through that control an abuse may ruin their victim's life.