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Are you headed for divorce at age 50 or beyond?

When you got married, you likely assumed it was a one-time deal and that you and your spouse would be together the rest of your lives. You may have spent the next 20 or more years building a life here in California, one that may include business ventures, children, valued friendships and more. Like many spouses, however, time and circumstances may have taken their toll, leading to a moment when you decided to file for divorce. 

Divorce is never easy, and in a long-term marriage, it can be especially emotionally challenging. You may also encounter various financial problems, retirement issues or situations related to your estate that younger couples perhaps don't deal with as often in divorce. There are several apparent reasons for the tremendous increase in late-life divorces throughout the nation. Regardless of what caused your particular situation, you may have less stress and more success if you know how to protect your rights and best interests. 

You may relate to others who divorce later in life 

If you have friends or family members who have trod the path before you, their support may be invaluable in helping you come to terms with your own circumstances while you adapt to a new lifestyle. The following list includes reasons many people age 50 and beyond cite as issues that lead to marital problems late in life: 

  • A lot of people say they've been unhappy in their relationships for years but stayed with their spouses for the sake of their children. When their children reach adult age, they saw no reason to stay married. 
  • Infidelity is not reserved for those who are young. This is a significant factor in many late-life divorces.
  • Perhaps you were one of many women in America who stayed home full-time to raise your children but obtained paid employment when they got older. This type of financial independence has played a significant role in the increase of long-term marriage divorce in the U.S.
  • Most people nowadays can expect to live longer than spouses did in eras long ago. Longevity has its benefits, to be sure; however, it may also lead to serious strain in some marital relationships when people just have trouble getting along the older they get.  

When you divorce later in life, you may worry how your adult children, grandchildren or friends will react. You may also find it difficult to resolve various issues that are key to achieving an agreeable settlement, especially if you and your spouse disagree. By tapping into available support resources, you can make informed decisions and move toward a new phase in life.  

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