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Back to school time may cause concern for newly-divorced parents

With the new school year about to begin for your children, you may have some excitement and apprehension. If this is the first school year since you and the other parent divorced, you may have some concerns about scheduling, how your children will perform in school after such a life change and various other aspects of the situation.

Fortunately, you can take proactive steps to help your kids feel as comfortable as possible when starting back to school and while working within the bounds of the custody arrangement. If you and the other parent can work together amicably, you may have the chance to make back-to-school time easier on yourself as well.


When it comes to custody, schedules rule the realm. During the summer break, you and the other parent may have easily coordinated schedules around each other's work and the kids' free time. Now that school is starting back, you will need to determine who will pick up and drop kids off at school, drive them to extracurricular activities, and how the terms of the custody agreement will come into play.


School supplies are an important part of the new school year, and many kids look forward to shopping for clothes and supplies. Your kids may be used to having both parents along for this shopping trip, and you may worry how they will handle going with just one parent. One option involves splitting the shopping responsibilities so that the kids get shopping time with both parents, which can also be easier on the wallet than just one parent buying all the supplies.

Depending on the relationship between you and the other parent, you may still have the ability to uphold the tradition of shopping as a family, as long as spending time with your ex will not cause unnecessary tension or stress on the kids.

Speaking with teachers

You may also want to take the time to talk with your children's teachers before the school year begins. Depending on how fresh the divorce is, even if months have passed, your kids may still feel emotionally vulnerable. As a result, they may not perform as well in school as they have in the past. By informing their teachers of the recent divorce, they may have a better chance of supporting your kids when they need it and having a better understanding of the situation overall.

If you run into any serious custody issues after school starts, such as the other parent not complying with custody terms or attempting to thwart schedules, you may want to determine whether legal action may be necessary to ensure compliance.

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