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Healthy co-parenting can make summer break enjoyable for all

The school year is coming to a close, and if you recently divorced, this could be your first year planning for summer break. If you were like many other Santa Rosa parents, you went to great pains to create a parenting plan that gave you and the other parent the best possible chance at a healthy co-parenting relationship.

If you are still in the midst of creating that plan, you may want to work in some mechanisms to help you achieve the type of co-parenting you envision. This article looks at some of the most common characteristics exhibited by those with good relationships.

Successful co-parenting traits

The more secure you and the other parent are in your roles despite the divorce, the better off your children will be. To increase your chances of achieving this goal, you could tailor your parenting plan to foster the following traits:

  • Focus on the emotional well-being of the children.
  • Respect each other.
  • Adults make the plans, not the children.
  • Make room for flexibility.
  • Establish positive and calm communication in both households.
  • Be fair with each other.
  • Encourage healthy and safe relationships between the other parent and the children.
  • Show support of each other's parenting.
  • Establish healthy boundaries.
  • Be kind to each other and yourselves.
  • Create a safe environment for the children.

You may also want to account for new relationships that each of you may enter into. A stepparent relationship could develop, and your kids need to know that it's okay to enjoy that relationship as long as it is a healthy one and does not endanger the children. You may read this list and wonder how you will ever reach this point with your future former spouse, but it is possible.

As your children anticipate the last day of school, you and the other parent can test your new co-parenting relationship. If you pay attention to how your summer break planning progresses, you may see places where you can tweak your plan.

Successful parenting plans

One factor that many successful parenting plans have in common is that they create a foundation for co-parenting as a team. Another aspect of any good plan is that it protects each parent's rights. Making sure that happens often requires the advice and assistance of a family law attorney.

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