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What types of alimony are available in California?

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is money paid from a person to their former spouse after their marriage has ended. An agreement between the parties or an order from the court may establish an alimony obligation between formerly married persons, and the form of payment that the alimony obligation takes on can be very different depending upon certain factors related to the parties' case.

Seeking alimony may be best for you in divorce

One aspect of a California divorce that often gives Santa Rosa residents a bit of anxiety is finances. Many worry that they will not be able to make ends meet or uphold their standard of living. If one has been married to their spouse for several years, one spouse often will forgo their own personal and career development in lieu of raising a family or other important jobs. Alimony helps to balance that disparagement.

Why alimony and child support could be awarded in a CA divorce

When couples make the difficult decision to part ways, many will ask: "What's next?" Divorce and the change in living situation for both the ex-couple and children can seem like a daunting task. And, sometimes, alimony and child support is awarded, which can further complicate matters.

What will a court consider when awarding alimony?

California couples going through a divorce often have many financial concerns. This is especially true when it comes to spousal support -- also known as alimony. The person paying alimony may be concerned that they will be bled dry financially from an unfair award, while the person receiving alimony may be concerned about making ends meet financially, especially if they earn significantly less than their ex or if they stayed out of the workforce altogether while married, and are now facing re-entry in the working world. The state of California understands these concerns, and per law there are certain factors the court will consider to ensure that a spousal support award is fair.

Everything you wanted to know about alimony

Making the decision to divorce isn't always the easiest, as many Santa Rosa families already know. There are many factors at play that are affected by the dissolution of marriage, so it's important that a family makes the decision that is best for them. When the decision to go ahead with the divorce is put into action, what comes next might feel like foreign territory and often those involved have many questions. When it comes to alimony, how might it impact a divorce and the people involved?