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Former couple still working out divorce terms

Richard and Alicia Stephenson married several decades ago and enjoyed a lavish life. Richard Stephenson was one of the founders of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and through his position with that business gained considerable wealth. The couple share one daughter but unfortunately decided to end their marriage with Alicia Stephenson moving out of the couple's estate in 2007.

Being thankful for Santa Rosa divorce over the holidays

With the holidays approaching, it can be a challenging time for the recently divorced or for those going through a divorce. It's such a big life change, going from married to single, so understandably the change can cause extra strain. However, there are reasons to be thankful this holiday season. Start with being thankful for your high asset divorce.

Retirement accounts and divorce: what to expect

California marriages can last for years and be right for people until they are not anymore. In those years of a marriage, a couple will go through and experience a lot together. Financially, marriages often see the accumulation of assets, like bank accounts, money market accounts and retirement accounts, like a 401k. In a divorce, many couples' first questions revolve around these financial details, like what to expect in a high asset divorce?

HGTV stars work and raise daughter during divorce

Reality TV in California and across the nation have been so popular in recent years that they have launched multiple professional careers. Two HGTV stars are well known, the stars of Flip or Flop, which follows the married couple's experience flipping houses for profit and their life with their children. Fans were shocked to hear of the couple's motion to file for divorce last winter.

What does it mean that CA is a "no fault" divorce state?

Marriages can last years, months or even weeks. Sometimes, what seems like the easiest decision in the world becomes the hardest one to make. People change, things change and sometimes, a marriage does not survive. If one is thinking about divorce, it is a good ideato know that California is a no-fault divorce state.

What happens to the family home in a Santa Rosa divorce?

For families going through a divorce, there are often many questions associated with the process that one would like answered. Questions about child custody and alimony top the list. While these decisions may not impact every family in a high asset divorce (due to not having children) a popular issue, regardless of children, is who gets the family home in a divorce? Naturally, it can't really go to both parties in the split, so how does the law decide who gets it?

Hollywood power couple announce their divorce

Living in California, it's hard not to notice what's going on with Hollywood couples. Thinking about how these couples juggle their high-profile jobs, relationships and even kids can appear effortless in the media. However, the reality is that high-profile couples often have the same struggles as normal couples and families living in Santa Rosa. One high-profile couple, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, recently announced their separation in a shocking social media post.

Feel confident about the financial aspects of high asset divorce

Money is a have it or have not situation. For those who have it, it is a great blessing but also a big responsibility. For married couples who have decided to go their separate ways, financial aspects will begin to creep into the minds of those who are looking to separate. So, which assets belongs to whom in a Santa Rose high asset divorce?

High asset divorce may include Santa Rosa vacation home

If you and your spouse have made the decision to divorce, no doubt that you have many questions about the process. For many people in Santa Rosa, their biggest concerns lie with how the child custody process and the asset division process will be handled. Every situation is different based on the best interests of the child and the financial aspects of the divorcing couple, among other factors. When a family has multiple assets, including a vacation home, you might be wondering how to procure that asset for yourself in a divorce.

Can an infidelity clause be enforceable in a prenup?

Celebrity prenuptial agreements tend to make news because of the different (and odd) provisions that couples hold each other to. It is not surprising to find clauses requiring a spouse to remain at a certain weight, or prohibiting in-laws and friends from staying in the home for more than a week at a time. As prenuptial agreements evolve, more are including what referred to as "lifestyle" clauses.